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Risk For High-Grade Prostate Cancer May Be Reduced By Low Cholesterol.

Men with lower cholesterol are less likely than those with higher levels to develop high-grade prostate cancer - an aggressive form of the disease with a poorer prognosis, according to results of a Johns Hopkins collaborative study. In a prospective study of more than 5,000 U.S. men, epidemiologists say they now have evidence that having lower levels of heart-clogging fat may cut a man's risk of this form of cancer by nearly 60 percent.

A Newly Discovered Route For Testosterone To Reach The Prostate: Treatment By Super-selective Intraprostatic Androgen Deprivation Varicocele has only recently been shown to be a bilateral disease, the primary cause for male infertility and low testosterone level. It has now for the first time been discovered to be the cause of enlargement of the prostate and for the development of prostatic cancer as well. Also, for the first time in the published medical literature, it has been proven that super-selective venography and sclerotherapy (Gat Goren Technique) may reverse early localized prostate cancer and reduce prostate volume in benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

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